THE love Revolution

Co Creators Nikki & Sarah create bespoke Beauty & Wellness programs, guiding and mentoring you on your journey to connection.

If YOU want to arrive to your wedding day...

Calm, Connected and ready to look and feel more radiant than ever before.

Ready to float down the aisle and embrace every miraculous moment of the day.

Then check out our Odyssey 



- Harmonise your mind.

Enabling you to plan with ease, remain authentic to your values and hold a sense of compassion.

- Ground your body.

Establishing an anchor with  breath and alignment, repairing confidence and poise

- Soothe your skin

Lighting you up cell by cell, reflecting and radiating your inner beauty.


For couples...


- Connect you souls

Deepen your love, hold space for one another and elevate your relationship to new levels

Contact us to find out about how we could add a little ritual to YOUR lives.